Road Freight

Flexible & responsible road freight shipping services from China
  • Inland trucking transportation services
  • Services covering all the major cities of China
  • Feedback of trucking information and tracking online
  • Personal effects goods and Export of perishables
  • Flexible delivery option
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Consolidated trucking transportation shipping

Our rail freight services and the road freight shipping services in China are the best choice for the clients that are looking for cost effective, flexible, and reliable way for delivery of cargo from the source to the destination in a perfect condition. Our services are basically designed for the companies that rely on the management of the supply chain.

We believe to offer a 100 percent guaranteed satisfactory, convenient and reliable services so as to achieve a peak level. We not only provide you with the flexible inland trucking services, but also recommend you with several transit options that are perfectly suitable to your road freight needs of cargo shipment along with budget and time frame. In other words, you can say that the services provided to you are cost effective and least cumbersome mode of transport.

We suggest and offer our clients with many benefits like cargo damage reduction, prevention from loss, etc; so that the quality of our services provided is not compromised. Also, they offer a chance to enjoy such a great reduction in transit costs.

If you are looking for a perfect and premium logistics, transportation and road freight shipping service provider that is perfectly suited to fulfil the shipping requirements is the TS. So, mail us or call us to acquire our services, so as to make us your perfect logistics partner for life. Also, it has been working as a help to your business to be at a high level with our committed and dedicated services. Because of our remarkable services we are considered as China’s no.1 logistics and transportation service provider.