Shipping to Amazon for FBA

SBOTEN is a China freight forwarder, able to provide Amazon FBA services from China to worldwide, by sea or air, effectively manage your products from your Chinese supplier or factory directly to the Amazon in each country’s fulfillment center to maintain your inventory level. We know this is very important, if the goods do not arrive on time, which will cause disastrous consequences, especially upon the sales season. That’s why our shipping experts work closely with our customers to help them ship to Amazon FBA in such a way that it’s impossible to get out of stock. Once booked, your goods will be handled properly with us and we will be careful to take care of the entire process to ensure that your goods are safely shipped to Amazon FBA Center, the China FBA services have following features.

SBOTEN Logistics provides Amazon FBA services from China to worldwide for customers wishing to import to products Amazon FBA. We can provide access to virtually all Amazon FBA warehouses throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada. Our shipping specialists develop an economical and efficient solution for Amazon sellers to speed up your supply chain to Amazon’s fulfillment system.

The China FBA services have following features:
  1. DDU/DDP delivery.
  2. Door-to-Door service.
  3. The price includes the import tax.
  4. The entire cargo process is under your control.
  5. The key to importing your product into Amazon fulfillment Center is the reliable FBA freight forwarder, Basenton Logistics will be the one for you, we arrange the whole transportation service to the Amazon FBA.

Just in the field of shipping from China, we have years of experience on shipping to the Amazon warehouse and are fully familiar with these requirements. Let us help you with the difficult things. We focus on Amazon’s associated shipping needs so that you can spend more time promoting your sales. Contact us for more information about Amazon.